Field Services (Installation, Testing and PD Analysis)

Coupler Installation Supervision

IRIS Power offers installation supervision services for all of its PD coupling systems. Our field specialist will arrive on site and provide supervision and installation training to staff directly involved in the installation process. A written installation report is also provided.

Testing Services

IRIS Power provides a multitude of services to help maximize your benefit:
  • PD Testing using the PDA-IV, TGA-B, or
    TGA-S instruments
  • Stator core testing using EL CID Evolution

EL CID Rental & Testing Services
EL CID miete & test dienste
Location et prestation de services avec le EL CID

  • Stator insulation testing using the DC Ramp Tester, Dielectric Response Analyzer - DRA3, Tan Delta Testing - DeltaMaxx
  • Wedge Tightness testing using the Stator Wedge Analyzer- SWA
  • Rotor winding on-line testing using the Rotor Flux instrument
  • Bump Testing of Stator Winding

Our Field Service Specialist is available to perform a partial discharge test at your site. A written analytical report complete with color graphs is provided after each test.

Data Analysis

IRIS Power provides a data analysis service based on data supplied on disk or E-mailed by the customer. The service includes analytical report complete with color graphs for each machine tested. Trend plots will be included after the 3rd analysis of data on the same machine.

Do you want to upload PD data for Iris to provide an analysis report? Please send your request to and an Application Engineer will contact you.