Off-line Testing

EL CID Evolution™ Download Product Brochure - PDF


"Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (EL CID) testing is accepted world-wide for reliable and safe detection of stator core inter-laminar faults (CIGRE, 2004)."

Originally developed by the CEGB in England, the EL CID Evolution is a third generation instrument that is proven, reliable and easy to use. The EL CID Evolution tests the condition of a stator core in less time and with fewer resources than the earlier EL CID models.

The EL CID instrument can be used to test turbo-generators, hydro-generators, and large motors.

EL CID Evolution Features
  • Faster test scanning (up to 120mm/sec @60Hz)
  • Easier excitation calculations
  • Simpler testing with dual Chattocks
  • User-friendly LCD display to guide user operation
  • Ability to combine step-iron data with main core traces
  • "Hot spots" color map display
  • Fully compatible with existing data
EL CID Evolution Advantages
  • Tests are repeatable
  • Immediate test results are available for local analysis and emails
  • Determines if defects are on the surface, under conductors, or sub-surface
  • Tests with or without windings in place
  • Allows partial retests of a core. Results can be merged to obtain a complete picture of the core condition
  • Trending of previous results
  • Excellent quality assurance test

EL CID operates at only 4% of normal operating flux. This low flux is generated by a portable, quickly installed excitation kit. Any imperfection in the core inter-laminar insulation produces fault currents, which are detected by a Chattock coil and analyzed by the EL CID signal-processing unit. Measurement results are digitally stored in a laptop for analysis and report generation to precisely locate the faults in the stator core. Future results can be compared to past results for trend analysis.

The Robotic Inspection Vehicle (RIV) compliments the EL CID Evolution, and is ideally suited to test large stator cores. Having the capability to follow automatically the edge of stator teeth, the RIV carries the Chattok, thereby significantly reducing operator fatigue. This also increases the speed of testing. Click here for more information on the RIV.

IRIS LP offers EL CID generator testing services, as well as a complete training course on the use and operation of the EL CID Evolution instrument.