Continuous Monitors

FluxTrac II-R™ Download Product Brochure - PDF

The FluxTrac instrument is a sophisticated on-line monitor to remotely acquire magnetic flux data from air gap mounted flux probes in synchronous motor and generator rotors. Air gap flux monitoring is a proven tool used to provide information on the integrity of the rotor winding inter-turn insulation. This information is critical in planning maintenance, explaining abnormal vibrations and verifying new and rewound rotor integrity.d to acquire magnetic flux signals from probes permanently mounted on the machine stator. The FluxTrac system consists of a permanently connected FluxTrac acquisition device which is mounted in the plant and can be connected to probes from up to four generators. The FluxTrac instrument can be interfaced to your computer at a remote location via RS232, RS485, or TCP/IP Ethernet.

This instrument includes user-friendly Windows™ acquisition software, which is used to store data from any of the four inputs on demand. Using generator load information, the FluxTrac instrument can automate your magnetic flux measurements, freeing you from traveling to the plant, or having to be available during hard-to-schedule generator run-ups.